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2015 Eco-Leaders

Rheem Manufacturing

Posted by Alan Naditz

Aug 7, 2019 6:55:56 PM

If all goes according to plan, ‘Good’ things will soon turn out great for the environment.

There’s good for one, and there’s good for all. By opting for a “Greater Degree of Good,” Rheem is wholeheartedly embracing the latter. In early 2019, the heating and cooling products giant launched the GDG campaign to get everyone’s mind on sustainability, whether it’s from improved innovation, better efficiency or stronger leadership.


“Sustainable thinking is embedded in everything we do. It’s in our products, processes and in the way our people think and act. I’m very confident that the team will achieve these goals and truly make a difference.” Chris Peel, President/CEO

Not that the company lacked in these areas. Rheem’s sustainability numbers already showed great progress in green leadership: 134 million gallons of water saved annually at its various factories, enough for 500,000 eight-ounce drinks at just one of its production facilities; 2.5 million fewer pounds of air conditioning packing materials used company-wide each year; and 195 million fewer kilowatts consumed at its Mexico facilities. Rheem hopes to improve on those totals as it strives for drastically reduced emissions and landfill waste numbers by 2025.

GDG takes a three-prong approach: Within five years it hopes to have firmly in place a line of heating, cooling and water heating products that boast a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas footprint. This in turn will help Rheem achieve zero waste going to landfill at its global manufacturing operations. The company also plans to train 250,000 plumbers and contractors—about one-third of the overall industry—on sustainable products or sustainable installation and recycling best practices.

Meanwhile, the company will continue producing its line of award-winning enviro-friendly goods, such as tankless water heaters, smart thermostats, furnaces, air conditioners and more, according to CEO Chris Peel.

“We all feel a shared responsibility to reduce the natural resources required to make and use our products, and we are excited about the opportunity to effect positive environmental change through these purposeful actions,” Chris Peel says. “By working together—Rheem associates, our contractors and consumers—we will create a Greater Degree of Good.”

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