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2015 Eco-Leaders

AZEK Building Products

Posted by Alan Naditz

Aug 29, 2018 9:25:45 AM

Heavily recycled content means lighter environmental impact.

AZEK Building Products develops premium, low-maintenance exterior building products. Available worldwide, the company’s product lines include AZEK Deck, Rail, Trim, Moulding, Porch, Pavers and Adhesives, as well as capped wood composite decking and railing under the TimberTech name. AZEK Building Products is a division of The AZEK Company, headquartered in Chicago.

EcoLeaders AZEK Building Products

If you’re wondering where your old tires went, just look below your feet, where more than 1.6 million became composite pavers to help control stormwater runoff in 2017.

As the Low Impact Development (LID) water management approach continues to become a norm, projects involving retrofits include a difficult task: applying LID practices to fully developed urban areas.

There’s no disagreement by officials at the Living City Campus (LCC) at Kortright in Vaughn, Ontario. Operated by the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), LCC serves as an educational hub where people gather to learn research, demonstrate and become inspired by technologies and practices that help build sustainable city regions. But implementing LID measures for stormwater runoff were difficult due to limited space around the facility.

TRCA opted to test a variety of stormwater management methods within the campus parking lot, including the use of permeable pavement. AZEK Permeable Pavers, made with up to 95 percent recycled tires and various plastics, were installed in a 1,200-square-foot section of the parking area.

According to AZEK officials, ongoing tests have evaluated the pavers’ effectiveness for runoff and water quality control, maintenance needs and how they endure Ontario’s climate. Two years later, they have “shown excellent runoff reduction, with the highest surface infiltration rate of all the interlocking paver products examined, as well as good water quality.”

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP), which is conducting studies on the use of permeable pavements, concurs with AZEK. “Not only are these permeable alternatives as strong as conventional types of pavement, but when properly installed and maintained, they can last for over 20 years,” STEP notes. “[And] by providing opportunities to infiltrate stormwater, these technologies help to remove pollutants, replenish groundwater resources and reduce the risk of flooding and stream channel erosion.” 

They’re an Eco-Leader because...

  • AZEK Building Products’ proprietary, evolutionary manufacturing process transforms recycled plastics into high-performance materials that manufacturers can readily work with.
  • The company has strengthened its commitment to reduce plastic and rubber pollution every year, with its key product TimberTech on a path towards a 100 percent recycled core.
  • AZEK Composite Pavers are made from up to 95 percent recycled materials. In 2017, 49 million gallon-sized containers and more than 1.6 million tires were used to make the product.
  • AZEK Building Products decking saves more than 100,000 trees annually as a sustainable alternative to wood decks and house trim.

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