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2017 Solar Decathlon

Green Builder Media has been chosen to be a partner on the newly announced team that will serve as program administrator for the Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon 2017 and 2019.US_Solar_Decathlon.gif

“Green Builder Media (GBM) is thrilled and honored to be part of the impressive program administrator team assembled by Energetics,” says Green Builder Media president and co-founder Ron Jones. “The Solar Decathlon is in perfect alignment with our core mission of helping to create a more sustainable future. We will work with the rest of the team to ensure that the upcoming event is the most successful and productive ever, and that DOE and the teams in the competition are rewarded with all the attention and recognition they deserve.”

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Solar PV Systems

Solar energy has finally come of age. The options for solar modules, inverter styles and leasing packages have expanded—and the competition is fierce.


2015 Solar Decathlon

Urban Solar Design Doubles as a Greenhouse

A solarium regulates temperatures and allows occupants to grow food in this flexible urban design.

2013 Solar Decathlon

Solar Sunrise

College students once more have shown what the sun-powered housing the the future could look like. 2013's Solar Decathlon demonstrates that the U.S. could lead the way in sustainable living. All it takes is thinking differently about how housing should look and function.

2011 Solar Decathlon


WaterShed University of Maryland Solar Decathlon V


The overall winner of Decathlon V, WaterShed is a microscale ecosystem that manages stormwater, filters pollutants, harvests and recycles greywater and minimizes potable water use.