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Steve Byers

Steve Byers EnergyLogic


I get up every day (nearly) excited to come to work and lead the incredible staff of professionals at EnergyLogic. I am truly a lucky person to have this job and be one of the leaders of this organization. EnergyLogic is based in Colorado and serves a wide variety of clients in the residential and light commercial energy efficiency and sustainability spaces. In short, we help make buildings better.

I started out my professional life as a pilot in the Air Force after graduating from the Air Force Academy. That experience prepared me for a great deal in life but not for meaningful employment outside of the wild blue yonder. Fortunately, I stumbled into energy and sustainability and spent several wonderful years at Southface Energy institute in Atlanta before striking out on my own in Colorado. With my wonderful wife, Wynne Maggi, we started a company which eventually morphed into EnergyLogic. I’ve been blessed along the way to have learned a tremendous amount from a wide variety of people and thus far none of my mistakes has sunk either myself or the company. In fact, EnergyLogic is a leader in our industry, an innovator and we pride ourselves on doing things the right way.

I’m also blessed with a pair of talented daughters, a great community and the great hope that I will continue to find new and exciting things to do in this life.


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