About the VISION House Series  

From Vegas to Disney: A Legacy of Epic Green Demonstration Homes and Exhibits

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD OF or visited any one of our well known showcase homes, including the one at Disney World's Epcot Center. That one is closing as I write this, after three years and hundreds of thousands of visitors. To be sure, it was little different than most of our project homes—more of an interactive exhibit than a real home (in keeping with the Disney magic), but somehow it made perfect sense.

We're all about pushing boundaries.

In these project's we've showcased some of the best new and established sustainability-geared products available today, helping many of them establish a national reputation.

Right now, we're well underway on our latest groundbreaking idea: the Mariposa Meadows "compound," out here in the most beautiful landscape of Colorado you can imagine. Part research center, part corporate retreat, this will be a place where great ideas ferment and come to life.

And this show is far from over. In fact we're working on high-profile exhibition project that could make our highly succesful Disney VISION house at Epcot look like a mere warmup.Can't tell you any more, but we're looking for a few courageous, entrepeneurial, high-minded company who want to see their company brand soar above the bright lights and hubbub. If you'd like some information about how to join us, contact Craig Coale ( and let him know I sent you.

—Ron Jones, President, Green Builder Media

The VISION House® Series

Green Builder Media’s VISION House® Series is comprised of demonstration homes built around the country that showcase the latest in green design, building techniques, and products.  Each house utilizes site-specific solutions for key green building issues including energy use, water conservation, land use and orientation, waste management, indoor environment quality, and products and materials.

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