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VISION House Los Angeles Kohler Generators

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Founded in 1981, Orenco provides carefully-engineered, environmentally-sound rainwater, greywater, and wastewater collection and treatment systems that use little energy and produce high-quality, re-usable treated water. These proven and sustainable low-impact solutions are ideal for individual homes and existing communities, as well as new development.

Sustainability and the Environment

Orenco has been designing and manufacturing sustainable wastewater solutions for homes, businesses, and communities since 1981, long before the concept of sustainability was popularized. By using natural processes that mimic soil dynamics, Orenco has optimized packed-bed filters for advanced secondary treatment and re-use of blackwater and greywater. It was Orenco’s extensive experience with sand filters that led to the development of its AdvanTex® System, which provides simple, reliable treatment at any scale with minimal operation/maintenance, low power requirements, and without chemicals or additives. The company’s wastewater collection and treatment technologies have been installed in environmentally-sensitive areas all over the world. www.orenco.com/systems/sustainable.cfm

Featured Products in VISION House Los Angeles

Stormwater Catch Basin and Pump Basin

Orenco’s stormwater system includes a catch basin and pump basin, which provide filtration, storage, and transportation. The system is designed for sustainable operation throughout its long service life, and a control panel ensures that pumps run only when necessary. A stone-patterned access lid helps the system blend into the landscape.

Other Products Offered by Orenco AdvanTex® AX10-RTUV Greywater System

For builders: Orenco’s AdvanTex® AX-RTUV systems are pre-packaged, “plug & play” greywater/blackwater treatment systems for household use. The RTUV’s simple design reduces excavation and installation costs, and its UV unit offers outstanding disinfection for reuse-quality effluent. Plus, it’s energy efficient and easy to maintain, providing great treatment at a competitive price.

For homeowners: Orenco’s award-winning AdvanTex® Wastewater/Greywater Treatment Systems consistently produce clear, odorless effluent … effluent so clean that after disinfection, it can be recycled for irrigation, car washing, and other water-saving uses. The AdvanTex® AX-RTUV is a pre-packaged, “plug & play” system that’s extremely energy efficient and has low operation and maintenance costs.

Photos: lathamarchitectural.com





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