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VISION House Los Angeles Leviton

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Leviton is the smart choice, providing the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Leveraging more than a century of experience, Leviton helps customers create sustainable, intelligent environments through its electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems. From switches and receptacles, to daylight harvesting controls, networking systems, and equipment for charging electric vehicles, Leviton solutions help customers achieve savings in energy, time and cost, all while enhancing safety. For more information, visit,,,

Sustainability and the Environment

We believe that corporate citizenship is a full time commitment and apply the principles of social responsibility to everything we do. From our products, to our focus on reducing waste and preserving our environment, being a good corporate citizen is essential to our identity and culture. Leviton energy-efficient products meet or exceed federal, state and industry standards, and LEED® criteria. Leviton creates sustainable and intelligent solutions in wiring devices, lighting management products and network infrastructure. From switches, receptacles and daylight harvesting controls to intricate network systems, Leviton provides smart, reliable solutions that pay off in time, energy and cost savings.

Products in VISION House Los Angeles

Solar Home Solutions: A fully engineered home solar energy solution customized specifically for the home, Leviton Solar brings all the advantages of solar energy to VISION House L.A. for an immediate reduction in home energy expenses and cleaner living. Homeowners contracting through Leviton Solar can avoid high upfront costs and still get all the advantages of a complete home solar power system by taking advantage of leasing options – paying little to nothing upfront, and then a low, fixed monthly amount.

Universal Dimmer: The Universal Dimmer was developed especially for LED and CFL dimmable bulbs for optimum performance including smooth dimming, quick start up and wide dimming range.

Occupancy Sensor Switch: Leviton’s Occupancy Sensor switches provide hands free lighting control by turning lights ON when you enter a room and OFF when you exit. 

Leviton Mini MeterDesigned for residential applications, these electric submeters are perfect for metering electric consumption or production.

Level 2 Car Charger (evr-green™ 160) and Installation Kit: The Evr-Green charger reduces the home’s carbon footprint and enables fast-charging. The installation kit allows for do-it-yourself 'plug-in' installation of EVB22.

The Structured Media Center provides clean, convenient, organized protection for all home networking. It’s designed to assist with future moves, additions, and changes as technology adapts and the Vented Door provides airflow when active gear is installed.

A-BUS 4-Zone System: Whole home audio is made ease with the A-BUS audio system. The 4-Zone system mounts in the Structured Media® Center to provide easy installation, maintenance and control of your playlist.

Tamper Resistant Decora Receptacles: The receptacles have built-in shutters help protect against insertion of foreign objects.





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