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The National Fire Protection Association is an international non-profit organization dedicated to fire and life safety. NFPA works to save lives and property from fire in a number of ways including its efforts to increase the use of home fire sprinklers. NFPA is a founding member of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

For more information visit www.nfpa.org/sprinklers.


Each sprinkler is designed to operate independently. Each sprinkler has a temperature-sensitive element that flows only when the temperature near the sprinkler reaches 135° - 165°F. The red bulb breaks, then only that sprinkler releases water to control the fire and stop it from spreading or extinguishes the fire. 

Extended coverage sprinklers can cover a maximum area of 20 X 20 feet. If the interior studio is less than 20 x 20 feet, one concealed sprinkler in the middle of the ceiling will protect that room. Since the sprinkler in this case is simply a prop, the sprinkler can be glued to the ceiling. If there is a ceiling fan in that room, we'd need to know where the fan is installed to determine the location of the sprinkler.

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Getting to Net-Zero

Achieving a HERS rating of zero at VISION House in INNOVENTIONS:

  • An efficient HVAC system from Trane.
  • BioBased Insulation by Rhino Linings.
  • DuPont Tyvek Homewrap.


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