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The Homeowner's Handbook, 4th Edition


This complete reference guide is a must-have for every builder trying to explain green home attributes to clients (as well as for educated home buyers who want to make sure their new or remodeled home is as green as possible). Organized into 12 easy-to-follow categories, the book explains why achieving sustainability in design and construction involves more than simply selecting the right products. 

The "What Makes a Home Green?" graphic, is a particularly useful feature that teaches how to apply the most effective sustainability principles first. Also included in The Homeowner's Handbook are:

  • Prewiring for solar
  • The pros and cons of varius framing options
  • Insulation best practices for ultra-low energy bills
  • How to pick the most efficient HVAC system
  • Tips on Fixing Old Windows
  • Green finishes, cabinets, and tops
  • And much, much more!