This year's list of Hot 50 products contribute to a home’s intelligence, durability, energy efficiency and/or resilience.
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This year's list of Hot 50 products contribute to a home’s intelligence, durability, energy efficiency and/or resilience. Many of this year’s picks optimized their functions by combining improved design with connected technology.



Whirlpool_Smart_Top_Load_Washer_and_Dryer.jpgThe new Whirlpool® Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer makes care more intuitive by connecting to any mobile device and allowing homeowners to have both control and exceptional fabric care. Through the Whirlpool® mobile app, homeowners can remotely start or adjust wash and dry cycles away from home, enable a Quiet mode to disable operational sounds and receive “Clothes Dry” notifications when loads finish. Users can also download a variety of specialty cycles to care for items like swimwear and sleeping bags. As one of the first appliance brands to use Amazon Dash Replenishment, the laundry pair estimates when homeowners are running low on laundry supplies and automatically orders more. Additionally, Nest Thermostat integration works with the dryer and switches to Eco Mode to save energy with a longer, more energy-efficient cycle when the thermostat is set to Away mode.

26_Panasonic_WhisperGreen_Select-1.jpgWhisperGreen Select™ is the fully customizable vent fan that lets you choose the combination of features you want. With Pick-A-Flow™, select your required air flow (50-80-110 or 110-130-150 CFM) with the flip of a switch. Our Plug ’N Play™ modules allow you to add up to three additional features, including multi-speed operation, a motion and/or condensation sensor, and an automatic LED night light. Module installation is snap-in simple. Our ultra-quiet DC motor with intelligent SmartFlow™ technology ensures the fan will perform as required. The Flex-Z Fast™ mounting bracket makes installation a cinch so you can get in and out of jobs faster. WhisperGreen Select™ is your total solution for indoor air quality, code compliance, green certification and healthy indoor environments. Can be used to comply with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED for Homes, CALGreen, and ENERGY STAR® for Homes 3.0.

Downlight_with_Desk_home.jpgStack lights automatically adjust to the rhythm of your life and home. Using the power of sensors and natural light to maximize energy savings, Stack lights dim themselves automatically according to the ambient light in the room. As the first responsive light with sensors embedded in each bulb, they’re able to sense when you enter the room so they turn on when you’re there and off when you’re not, so you never have to flip a switch again. Stack lights also adjust their color temperature throughout the day to mimic natural sunlight in tune with your body’s natural circadian rhythm, which helps you and your family relax before bed and wake feeling refreshed. Fully controllable and programmable via the Stack Lighting app, the lights also learn from your preferences over time and adapt to their environment. Better light, better life.

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