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ReVISION House Orlando Honeywell


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Honeywell produces the high performance blowing agent used in closed cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) insulation.  This project used ccSPF to achieve an R-30 value in the attic.  In addition to superior R-Value per inch, ccSPF offers enhanced structural integrity for the roof, can provide secondary moisture protection and serves to reduce energy costs by reducing air infiltration and heat transfer from the attic space into the conditioned space.
In addition to using ccSPF on the house addition, the existing portion of the ReVISION House Orlando was completely air sealed and weatherized using Honeywell EnovatePRO products to ensure the highest level of energy savings possible.
Weatherization is the fastest-growing segment of the construction industry, reaching out to the remodeling and retrofit markets. To support the demands of this market, Honeywell offers professional-grade air sealant products such as one- and two-component foams, caulks, weather stripping and safety equipment, along with a Honeywell Authorized Weatherization training program that includes understanding the market, proper product installation, personal protective equipment habits for safe installation and BPI certification. The ccSPF insulation was provided by NCFI Polyurethanes and installed by Retrofoam of Florida.

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