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Wildfire Protection and Yard Maintenance

Posted by Heather Wallace, GBM Marketing

Aug 29, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Redding Fire Department officials said a homeowner’s foresight prevented a home vegetation fire last week, from growing out of control and proving wildfire protection and preparedness is the best choice.

Crews quickly knocked down the fire that started after a eucalyptus branch knocked down power lines near the property, Battalion Chief Steve Reilly said. The fire burned a 50-foot swatch of dry grass on the property. Reilly said that the homeowner's efforts to keep dry grass cut around the home prevented the fire from spreading to the building.


“It definitely helped reduce the threat to the homeowner,” Reilly said. “We’re glad he took those precautions.”

Gallegos maintained the space around his home throughout the summer, fearing drought conditions and the risk a fire could pose to his home. He plans to remove the trees surrounding the property to prevent them from becoming ensnared in the electric lines again. Learn more about some basic Firewise principles that can help to reduce your home's risk from wildfire.

Homeowners should have about 100 feet of defensible space around their homes, according to California law. Firewise has further information on the "home ignition zone" which includes different criteria and suggestions for the spaces 30, 100 and up to 200 feet around your home. Helping to maintain this defensible space around your home can help to reduce your wildfire risk, as well as reduce the risk wildfire may pose to firefighters who work to protect the neighborhood.

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This blog has been republished with the permission of the NFPA and was originally posted by Lauren Backstrom on the Wildfire Safety blog. The NFPA provides resources through the Firewise Communities Program and Fire Adapted Communities initiative (both co-sponsored by the USDA Forest Service) to communities in high risk areas to help residents reduce their risk of wildfire damage to homes and property.

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