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Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the Envelope

As environmental awareness (and concern) penetrates the mainstream, eccentric “upcycled” structures, tiny apartments and other ideas are being looked at as real prospects for future low-impact shelter.

A Photo Essay by Matt Power

  • Coco Hut

    Architect Gert Eussen designed this “Coco Hut” using scrap pine that is often treated as waste wood in the Netherlands, where he is based. Hemlock “legs” support the structure. More at www.gerteussen.com

  • Container Home

    The addition of simple amenities such as a deck, modular furniture, green roof and lighted awning add a lot of class to this 320-sq.-ft.  container home created by Poteet Architects. Walls were insulated with spray foam, then covered with fast-growing bamboo.

  • Modular upLIFT apartments

    Architect Eugene Lubomir and team envision a future of downsized urban living such as these modular units made from recycled materials. These upLIFT apartments would be geared toward people with lower incomes, or a history of homelessness, but young people may find them an appealing entry into city life.

  • Schoolbus by WPI Creative

    A design firm called WPI Creative conceived the makeover of this old school bus. A young West Coast couple bought the bus, and drove away in their new home.

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