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Construction Begins on Green, Hurricane-Proof Home

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

Jun 19, 2014 8:29:00 AM

Building for disaster continues to be emphasized in areas that have been affected by storms. Hurricane

Several dozen of our pilings already in place!

Sandy swept away and/or severely damaged numerous homes, but on a sunny day, an ocean view is hard to beat. So what is being called the Sunset Green home is under way. This LEED home strives to be hurricane proof. 

Ground-breaking at Sunset Green involves not only moving ground but erecting numerous pilings. The plan is to make the home green and hurricane proof. The first step was literally deconstructing the existing home—see the timelapse video.

Green isn’t only about pilings and re-cycling and re-using building materials, it involves protecting the nearby waterfront. “The Sunset Green Home project is located adjacent to an undeveloped waterfront lot on the Shinnecock Bay. So what are the strategies that Sunset Green Home will use to reduce the likelihood that it cause any harm to the local waters?”

  • Build a new septic system that is elevated away from ground water

  • Incorporate dry wells and rainwater harvesting to contain storm water runoff

  • Landscape with drought tolerant turf, and native and adaptive plants – which require less fertilizer and water than invasive species

  • Create a 75 foot native vegetation buffer between the home and the adjacent waterfront lot, which is designed to further protect the bay from potential runoff

  • Include non-toxic pest control strategies – like non-toxic termite baiting – to reduce the need for poisons to control insects and other pests

Follow the continuing progress on the house on the Sunset Green Home blog. Read Green Builder founder Ron Jones' thoughts on building for disaster. 


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