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UL Participating in Certified Ratings Program by the Florida HBA

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 15, 2017 10:34:35 AM

The Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) is now offering a Certified Ratings Program to provide inspectors with certified energy ratings certifications. UL will serve as one of two testing, inspection and certification firms (TICs) to certify the home energy and water savings ratings certificates issued for new single-family homes in the state of Florida under this new program.

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Former California Governor Schwarzenegger Launches Climate Change Legislation Database

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 9, 2017 1:27:01 PM

Database's creation is a result of President Trump's decision to leave the Paris Accord.

In an interview with Politico, Schwarzenegger discusses the new website, which is a joint effort between the Schwarzenegger Institute at the University of South Carolina and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators.

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Video: Nexus Graywater System Pushes Innovative Approach to Water Capture Into the Mainstream

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 2, 2017 8:23:09 AM

A New Generation of Water & Energy Recycling Systems

Starting in August, Nexus eWater, Inc. will be launching their long-awaited production model of their NEXtreater, a greywater treatment system originally developed in Australia by Australian National University (ANU) graduates and Nexus eWater co-founders Tom Wood (CEO) and Andrew Hermann (CFO).

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U.S. Fracking Industry Looks Outside the U.S. as Public Turns to Renewable Energy

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jul 17, 2017 7:36:48 AM

Like the cigarette industry, fracking companies hope to circumvent health and environmental concerns to become the world's leading exporter of shale gas.

A NEW REPORT from the International Energy Agency (IEA) notes that many other parts of the world, notably China, will soon scour the planet for natural gas. The irony—they are looking for alternatives to coal that will help them reduce urban pollution. And the most affordable, accessible option is seen as natural gas. You have to give the Chinese credit. They'll not only be solving their own pollution woes. They'll also be doing irreparable damage to the environment in the U.S., reducing our quality of life, and fueling the growth of privatized water companies in a country with some of the most abundant fresh water in the world. and all without spending $760 billion a year on its military, the way we do. (They spend about one-fifth what we do, and have four times our population.).

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