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Give Your Millennial a Robot. The next generation has a fluent understanding of technology that baffles baby boomers. If we expect them to get excited about building, we need to give them the tools (and toys) they best understand, and let them go to work.  MORE


JULY, 2014: Playing God

THIS ISSUE, WE LOOK AT how robotic technology is changing the future of building. The labor force 0714GB_C1B-REV_5ooxof tomorrow will be comfortable and familiar with remotely operated machines. Combined with sensors, close tolerances and visualization tools, these high-tech tools offer a productive alternative to the all too frequent use of drones as instruments of violence and surveillance. READ ONLINE NOW

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  • Bosch Automotive Selected as 2014 Eco Leader

    Eco-Leaders 2014

    Find out which major companies are embracing the triple bottom line, and proving that sustainability is as good for revenues as it is for people and the planet. READ MORE 

  • Celestia Robotics

    Celestia Chapter 4: Transference

    The fourth chapter of The Celestia Project examines the rise of robotics in building construction, along with augmented reality and other high tech tools of the near future (Click Image for full story. Text version HERE.)

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Water-Saving Bath Fixtures
American Standard Champion Pro

Whether remodeling or building from the ground up, bathrooms over a plethora of opportunities for saving water. FULL STORY


Aruba SustainabilitySustainability, Caribbean Style. Although most ot the islands show a serious dearth of environmental awareness, at least one island--Aruba--is beginning to take eco issues seriously. Read More

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