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bill_mckibben_tempBill McKibben is one of the heroes of the sustainability movement. He has been leading the fight against global warming for over 20 years, since he wrote the first book for a general audience on the subject, The End of Nature, in 1989. Bill thoroughly understands that taking on the climate crisis is going to take more than a few good books—it's going to take a movement—so he founded, an international climate campaign that works in 188 countries around the world. Join Green Builder Media President Ron Jones on December 10 at 2 ET for a lively and candid conversation with McKibben about the realities of a changing climate and solutions for a sustainable future.

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Bill McKibben, a well known environmental author and activist, is the founder of, an international climate change campaign. is named for the safe level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, 350 parts per million. When he's not busy organizing, Bill is an active writer on the climate crisis and other environmental issues. His 1989 book The End of Nature was the first book to warn the general public about the threat of global warming. Bill is a frequent contributor to various magazines including The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, Orion Magazine, Mother Jones, The New York Review of Books, Granta, Rolling Stone, and Outside. He is currently a Scholar in Residence at Middlebury College and lives in Ripton, Vermont with his wife, author Sue Halpern, and daughter Sophie. 




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