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Green Home of the Year Awards

Frequently Asked Questions


How much would it be to enter the General category with more than one project?  $109 for the first entry, $89 for each additional entry.

How much would it be to enter the General category and the Mainstream Green category? $109 for the General category entry plus $79 for the Mainstream Green category entry.

Can I enter the same project into both the General category and the Mainstream Green category? Yes.

In the Mainstream Green category it says the project must be less than 3,500 square feet OR 800 square feet per occupant. How do I determine the occupancy? This can be found on your building permit or occupancy permit.

What are the qualifications for the Alternative Building Technology category about? We are looking for interesting projects that use alternative building techniques. We list SIPs and ICFs but if you have used another alternative building technology and want to run it by us just email

Why don't you have specific categories? We want to see the best projects that are out there. By eliminating up-front categories we feel we are able to truly recognize the most exceptional projects.

Are certifications like LEED, Energy Star, Environments for Living, etc. required? No. In the General category certifications will neither help nor hinder your entry. The only required document is in the Mainstream Green category (HERS Index) to show proof of a HERS rating of 50 or better.

Do you allow extensions? To be fair to all entrants we do not allow any extensions.

Are photos important? Absolutely. Without photos we can't judge your project fully and we would need them for the magazine if you were chosen as a winner. Six to eight high resolution (8x10 at 300 dpi or larger; .JPEG or .TIFF format) photos are required with your submission.

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