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Frontline of Climate Change: Drought

Water: it is a common agenda for all of us, for every walk of life. It’s our planet’s most valuable resource. Nations are powered by it. Life depends on it. And soon, we’ll be fighting over it. We...Read more

Energy Efficient Vacation Home Checklist

When planning for the construction of a vacation or second home, this list of guidelines will help you minimize its footprint—and even turn it into a “power house.” Super-efficient building shell and...Read more

Happy Apocalypse?

Who says life in a post apocalypse has to be bleak? Art like this offers us a less dystopian version of life after the crash of civilization. We like the positive approach. If you want to see more...Read more

Is It Time for Arizonans to Panic About Water? Maybe.

Is it time to panic in Arizona over the drought? AZCentral the Gannett-owned Web site for the Arizona Republic and Channel 12 News Phoenix featured an article entitled 5 Reasons to Panic About...Read more

How to Choose Energy Efficient Electronics

Residential homes have changed a lot over the last few years. Today’s homes are packed with the type of technology that, while making life more entertaining and easy, can drive household energy bills...Read more