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Meet the Beaver of Mariposa Meadows

Like All Guerrilla Fighters, the Beaver is Most Effective at Night As a building professional you know all projects have their detractors, their stumbling blocks, their screeching halts ... their...Read more

Using Building Science to Shave HERS Scores

BUILDING HOMES IN accordance with RESNET standards is all in a day’s work for David Weekley Homes, whose corporate offices are in Houston. The company joined the green building revolution by...Read more

Double Zero: Net Zero Energy with an Eye Toward Water Conservation

KB HOME RECENTLY constructed a home in Lancaster, California (in Los Angeles County), which earned the company RESNET’s award for Lowest HERS Index Score for a Production Builder. Dubbed the Double...Read more

HERS Index and Meritage Homes: Passing the Savings

MERITAGE HOMES CORPORATION is a Top Ten national homebuilder based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was the first to certify 100 percent of their homes with the Energy Star Program, so it’s not...Read more

A Massive People's March to Confront Climate Change

It has been a big week for climate awareness. On Tuesday, the United Nations hosted a landmark Climate Summit in New York City, attended by over 125 world leaders. While the Summit didn’t result in a...Read more