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FEMA Urges Hurricane Preparedness

ATLANTA - September’s National Preparedness Month reminds us of the importance of preparing for hurricanes. While the southeast is no stranger to life-changing hurricanes, this September marks...Read more

Toward Integration of Building Science

OVER THE YEARS, the Department of Energy’s Building America (BA) program has filled a critical gap by funding research on innovations for high-performing homes, both new and existing. But the biggest...Read more

Advanced Framing Best Practices for a Tighter Thermal Envelope

ADVANCED FRAMING TECHNIQUES that reduce the amount of framing in stud-framed walls improve their thermal performance. There’s more room for insulation, and thermal bridging—the heat transfer that...Read more

Uponor Solutions: Residential Radiant Floor Heat

Design Assistance Means a Perfect System for Your Home What's So Green About Uponor? In 2006, Uponor formed a multifunctional Sustainability Team which guides and oversees all sustainable efforts for...Read more

LED "Bulb" Fits Fluorescent Tube Fixture

At Last, an LED “Bulb” fits effortlessly into existing traditional fluorescent fixture. Retrofitting from fluorescent to even more efficient LED lighting in the ubiquitous ceiling fixture has to...Read more