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Blueprint for a Tiny, Portable House

This family has completed a small house that's affordable by almost any measure. The best part about their documentation of the project is their inclusion of a cost checklist, and a full size...Read more

Break the Cycle: ‘Natural Disaster, Rebuild, Repeat’

THE TRAGIC MUDSLIDE that occurred on March 22 in the small 180-person town of Oso, Washington, is the second weather-related disaster in the space of 16 months that has touched me personally. Oso's...Read more

Spray-On Coating Turns Any Window into a Solar Panel

IMAGINE AN ORGANIC SUBSTANCE that can be sprayed on to any window in a home--making the window behave like a photovoltaic panel, generating electricity. The technology is real, and according to its...Read more

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

What is Radiant Floor Heating? Radiant floor heating is a method of heating your home that circulates warm water underneath or within the floor. Comparable to warming yourself in the sun, this type...Read more

Wildfire Protection and Yard Maintenance

Redding Fire Department officials said a homeowner’s foresight prevented a home vegetation fire last week, from growing out of control and proving wildfire protection and preparedness is the best...Read more