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New Neighbor

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 5, 2014 10:41:00 AM

THIS UNUSUAL NINE-UNIT multifamily project in San Francisco’s Mission District covers three adjacent lots, with three units on each lot, divided by a partially shared courtyard. The narrow lots conceal a surprisingly ample amount of floor space (between 1,200 square feet and 1,600 square feet per unit), and a mix of private and shared parking garages. The developer selected the site in part because of its many transit options—including walking—so automobiles play a supporting role in the
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Topics: 1500 square feet or less, solar hot water, zero-VOC, water saving, multi-family

Florida First

Posted by Linda Leake

Jun 25, 2014 9:34:00 AM

DISTINCT AS THE FIRST photovoltaic (PV)-powered production home in coastal Brevard County, Florida, the St. Croix sets the pace for LifeStyle Homes’ leadership in developing net-zero housing. Completed in August 2010, this four-bedroom, three-bath revised model is the company’s first net-zero-energy residence.

LifeStyle Homes introduced its SunSmart line of energy efficient homes two years ago. The St.Croix model is packed with energy and water-saving features, including an 80-gallon solar hot water system, photovoltaic attic fans, and 15 SEER HVAC equipment, plus PV panels—bringing it to better than net-zero-energy performance.

An 8.0 kW PV system consisting of 160 flush-mounted, integrated 50-watt panels provides a torrent of solar power. The system is divided into two sections. The first 60 panels are pitched at 202 degrees and feed a 2,500-watt PV power inverter, while another 100 panels are pitched at 112 degrees with a 4,800-watt PV power inverter. A solar hot water system with a PV-powered circulating pump provides an 80-gallon hot water supply.
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Topics: net-zero energy, PV, solar hot water

Old + New

Posted by Matt Power

Apr 30, 2014 2:15:00 PM

The Adirondack-style shingled home, complete with a pond and running stream, holds its own along the estate-studded back roads of New Canaan, Conn. But it is a beauty that’s simply the veneer on a highly engineered and efficient home. 

“The couple’s goals were to build the greenest, most energy efficient house possible,” says architect Jim Edgcomb. “This site had attributes they were looking for: natural water features and open areas for photovoltaics, along with beautiful views.”

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Topics: graywater, LEED, solar, solar hot water, 2010 Green Home of the Year Awards, FSC Certified Lumber, rainwater harvesting, Recycled Products

Master Work

Posted by Matt Power

Mar 12, 2014 9:53:00 PM


Green Builder's 2010 Home of the Year is not only dazzling to behold, but it's heated and powered almost entirely by the sun.

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Topics: SIPs, passive solar, solar hot water, Energy Star, cool roof, 2010 Green Home of the Year Awards, Utah

Subtle Masterpiece

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Dec 1, 2013 5:18:00 PM

2013 Green Home of the Year Awards 
Grand Overall Winner - Santa Ynez, Calif.

This home's smart, low-tech approach to efficiency took home the gold.

SIMPLICITY WON OVER the judges to make Dreamtime Farm, Santa Ynez, Calif., this year’s Grand Overall  Green Home of the Year Award Winner. Architect and judge Hank Krzysik called the home “simple, clean, energy-efficient.” Builder and judge Michael Ginsburg said the home was “simple, straightforward and understandable.” Judge and energy expert Robert Bulechek lauded its features: “net-zero, graywater with solar hydronic.”

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Topics: net-zero energy, California, bathroom, 1600 to 2500 square feet, Green Landscaping, kitchen, passive solar, solar hot water, straw bale, outdoor living, Chain of Custody Certification, EPA Burn Wise, natural ventilation, natural daylighting, AquaPEX, FSC Certified Lumber, LED Lighting, 2013 Green Home of the Year Awards, Recycled Products

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