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Net Zero Energy Ranger's Residence

Posted by Linda Leake

Jun 25, 2014 8:34:11 PM

A NEW RANGER'S RESIDENCE at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument marks the first National Park Service house in the United States to achieve net-zero-energy.

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Daring Demo

Posted by Linda Leake

Jun 25, 2014 3:16:46 PM

The Connolly residence is full of surprises. A sprawling, high-performance beauty, it’s situated in The Prairie, the first green development in northwest Texas.

Just five miles from Wichita Falls, the house serves as a demonstration project for the Department of Energy’s Building America program. Completed in December 2010, it incorporates many energy-efficient and green building techniques that allow it to achieve average heating and cooling bills of $50 per month. That efficiency, along with other green features, reduce its overall impact on the environment. The house is certified LEED-H Gold, Green Built Texas, and ENERGY STAR.

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Florida First

Posted by Linda Leake

Jun 25, 2014 9:34:00 AM

DISTINCT AS THE FIRST photovoltaic (PV)-powered production home in coastal Brevard County, Florida, the St. Croix sets the pace for LifeStyle Homes’ leadership in developing net-zero housing. Completed in August 2010, this four-bedroom, three-bath revised model is the company’s first net-zero-energy residence.

LifeStyle Homes introduced its SunSmart line of energy efficient homes two years ago. The St.Croix model is packed with energy and water-saving features, including an 80-gallon solar hot water system, photovoltaic attic fans, and 15 SEER HVAC equipment, plus PV panels—bringing it to better than net-zero-energy performance.

An 8.0 kW PV system consisting of 160 flush-mounted, integrated 50-watt panels provides a torrent of solar power. The system is divided into two sections. The first 60 panels are pitched at 202 degrees and feed a 2,500-watt PV power inverter, while another 100 panels are pitched at 112 degrees with a 4,800-watt PV power inverter. A solar hot water system with a PV-powered circulating pump provides an 80-gallon hot water supply.
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The Good Life

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jun 2, 2014 12:26:00 PM

WHEN YOU SEE A TULIKIVI masonry hearth in a custom home, you know you’ve entered a rarefied green home. It’s as revealing as seeing a Rolls Royce parked in a home’s garage (although that sends a very different message). You already know a lot about the owners.

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Near Future Vision

Posted by Green Builder Staff

May 31, 2014 1:02:15 PM

The 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle celebrated all things Space Age, including the American Home of the Immediate Future, a prefab modular house. Fifty years later, the Miller Hull Partnership’s Ron Rochon decided to revisit the idea.
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