Affordable, High-Performance House: Bates Avenue

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 30, 2016 10:53:04 AM

This 1,104-square-foot home achieves a HERS score of 57.

As a landlord leasing affordable homes built in the 1970s and 1980s, Scott Willemsen of Sunroc Builders in Lakeland, Fla., watched his tenants pay hundreds of dollars each month on electric bills. He decided to take matters into his own hands, and build affordable, energy-efficient homes that were not available in his market. He used SIPs on the 1,104-square-foot home on Bates Avenue, which has a HERS score of 57.

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Beauty and the Beach

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jan 29, 2016 3:19:37 PM

An 83-year-old beach house gets a deep energy retrofit, but retains the grace and beauty of the original home.

THIS 1932 HOME overlooks Truesdale Lake in Westchester County, NY. Once a popular gathering place, the structure had fallen into disrepair. Incorporating new and reclaimed materials, architect and builder Sylvain Côté has fully restored The Beach House for maximum comfort with a minimal carbon footprint. Completed in 2014, The Beach House is Energy Star Certified, with a HERS rating of 30 and LEED Platinum Certification of 90.

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California Dream

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

May 12, 2014 6:46:00 PM

EVERY REMODELING CUSTOMER'S nightmare is having a room or part of the house out of commission. Between product delays and issues with coordinating subcontractors, that time is often protracted. Bath Simple takes away all the frustration, says founder John Crowley. Based in Richmond, California, Bath Simple uses one-stop shopping to streamline the remodeling process for customers all along the West Coast. Read More

The Annunciation Home

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Apr 8, 2014 1:36:00 PM

When it comes to remodeling 100-plus-year-old homes in New Orleans, Southern Homes’ Chris Kornman notes that deconstruction has been the critical first step of every project. “A lot of these homes are former rentals, and often they haven’t been renovated in decades and have a lot of problems,” he says.

Rather than band-aid these issues, Kornman and his team strip the interior of the home, leaving only the exterior walls. What can’t be reincorporated into the home is then donated to either Habitat for Humanity or Green Project, a local entity with a similar mission for use in current projects.

In the case of Annunciation, a 1,400-square-foot house built in the late 1860s, the homeowner of was at a crossroads; she needed more room but loved her neighborhood and didn’t want to move. She also wanted her  home to be far more energy efficient as she was spending $300 month to air condition it during the summer but could never cool it below 80 F. Read More

Picture Perfect Puzzle

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Apr 4, 2014 11:34:00 AM

Architect Annie Schwemmer likens any remodeling project to the challenge of putting a jigsaw puzzle together.   Read More