• Project Stats

    Name: Dreamtime Farm—Santa Ynez, CA
    Builder: Paul Rose, Semmes & Co. Builders
    Architect: Paul Poirier + Associates Architects
    Photos: David Palermo

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  • Green Compound

    The five-acre Dreamtime Farm includes a separate large workshop. It is in a high fire area but is protected by a 24-gauge standing-seam metal roof and home sprinkler system. Vegetation on the five-acre site is well away from the home and workshop.

  • Subtle Masterpiece

    The kitchen boasts pine-plank ceiling that is FSC lumber with Chain of Custody Certification, custom cabinets from locally harvested sycamore, recycled glass backsplash tile. The floor here and throughout the house is stained-concrete, which provides thermal heating and cooling storage. The great room's woodstove is EPA Burn Wise certified.

  • Roof Work

    Solar hot water collection happens on the main roof of the south-facing home. The 1,850-square-foot workshop houses the 9kW PV system.

  • Dreamtime Farm

    The five-acre, net-zero Dreamtime Farm is simple, clean, and energy efficient. The main house, which is made of rice straw bale, is 2,500 square feet. Passive solar design with deep overhanging eaves helps the home stay cool during the summer. In the winter, when the sun is low, large, south-facing windows capture sunlight, which is stored in the colored concrete floors. The home also has a solar hot water system which powers the hydroponic radiant in-floor heating, back up by a high-efficiency boiler.

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2013 Green Home of the Year Awards
Grand Overall Winner
Santa Ynez, CA

Topics: Green Home of the Year Award, LED, net-zero energy, graywater, durability, indoor-outdoor living, concrete flooring, California, bathroom, high fire area, 1600 to 2500 square feet, FSC, recycled tile, kitchen island, kitchen, low-VOC, hearth, patio, great room, living room, passive solar, quartz composite, clerestory windows, solar hot water, standing seam metal roof, straw bale, owners' suite, outdoor living, Chain of Custody Certification, dining room, locally harvested, formaldehyde free, EPA Burn Wise, natural ventilation, sycamore, solar hydronic radiant floor heating, countertops, certified lumber, high-efficiency boiler, xeriscaping, recycled, eucalyptus, solar hydronic, natural daylighting, AquaPEX, 2013 Green Home of the Year Awards

Simplicity won over the judges to make Dreamtime Farm, Santa Ynez, Calif., this year’s Grand Overall Green Home of the Year Award Winner. Architect and judge Hank Krzysik called the home “simple, clean, energy-efficient.” Builder and judge Michael Ginsburg said the home was “simple, straightforward and understandable.” Judge and energy expert Robert Bulechek lauded its features: “net-zero, graywater with solar hydronic.”