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Eco Overhaul - Best Community Project - Fayetteville, AR

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Dec 1, 2012 5:13:00 PM

THIS RENOVATION COMPLETELY overhauled the living systems of four existing apartment buildings constructed between 1968 and 1972. The old structures, the architect explains, “had great bones of precast concrete and split-face block, but were drastically lacking in thermal comfort, air quality and aesthetic appeal.”



STRUCTURE: Existing steel and concrete

SIDING: Stained existing split-face block

INSULATION: Existing split-face block, soy-based spray foam insulation

AIR CONTROL: Samsung ductless split-type air conditioner/heater

WINDOWS: Wilson windows with low-E coating

HEATING: Solar hot water, solar pool heating

APPLIANCES: All are Energy Star appliances

FAUCETS & FIXTURES: Low-flow fixtures, dual-flush toilets

CABINETS & TOPS: Locally built plywood cabinets and concrete countertops

CLEAN FINISHES: Sherwin-Williams no-VOC paints


DECKS: TimberSIL fire-rated decking

FURNITURE: Loll Designs recycled milk jug furniture, other locally built furniture

The design had to work within some narrow confines, however—as the designer notes: “from the standpoint of an Rennovated Community Projectapartment-dweller, each existing unit was exactly the same: a closed-in box chopped into tiny rooms with little or no defined outdoor space.” But the renovated apartments, completed for about $61 per sq. ft., are flooded with daylight and high-efficiency lighting.  Major performance upgrades such as spray-foam insulation and solar hot water drastically reduce utility costs.

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PROJECT: Eco Modern Flats
LOCATION: Fayetteville, AR

ARCHITECT: Modus Studio

BUILDER: Eco Modern Flats

LANDSCAPE: Stuart Fulbright

PHOTOS: Timothy Hursley

  • TimberSIL Decking

    Turning 96 worn out apartments into bright, energy-efficient living spaces required $4 million and a clear vision.

  • Loll Designs Furniture

    The new gallery-like units include larger windows and sliding patio doors, plus undercounter LED lighting and high-efficiency CFL and LED downlighting.

  • Sherwin-Williams Paint

    Areas between the apartments have been re-landscaped to form pleasant transitional environments. Each unit also now has an outdoor living space—a terrace, a walled patio, a balcony or a large rooftop terrace—carved from existing unused space.

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