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Albany Woodworks, Guest Contributor

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Keys to Identify and Work with Antique Lumber

Posted by Albany Woodworks, Guest Contributor

Feb 7, 2017 7:05:05 AM

An interview with Richard Woods, CEO of Albany Woodworks, expert on reclaiming old-growth Heart Pine and Cypress.

Richard, after consistently manufacturing high quality Antique Cypress and Longleaf Heart Pine for the last forty years, you must have a lot of insight into the antique lumber industry.  What is old-growth lumber and how difficult is it to find?

Richard: For the wood lover and for the craftsman whose products deserve the best materials, the process of finding quality old-growth heartwood is quite a journey. The old-growth forests where these materials were once found are rare.  The few remaining unharvested old-growth trees are protected in national forests. These forests once harvested, take between 500 and 1200 years to regenerate.

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