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Blogging for Green Builder Media

WE'RE HAPPY TO PUBLISH GUEST BLOGS about building science, sustainability and other topics related to green living and green building. We have a large and loyal readership, both in print and online, and guest bloggers tend to get noticed.  If you have an original article or essay that you would like to share, please read the simple guidelines below and submit your post. We will let you know if/when your post is published. If you become a regular submitter, and your content develops a good following, we may be able to offer you a small stipend for future blogs.--Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief, Green Builder magazine

  1. A title
  2. 400-1000 words (or an outline and proposed deadline) about green building, building science, or some other aspect of green home design in .doc or .txt format
  3. 1-2 images, preferably 500 pixels wide (or more)
  4. A short paragraph about you, your expertise and experience
  5. Links to your social media/blogs/webpage
  6. An image of you, to let our readers know who you are (optional)


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