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Progressive Foam Halfback H2O Universal Siding Insulation

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Feb 5, 2014 4:31:00 PM

No matter what siding product one chooses for a home, Progressive Foam Halfback H2O Universal Siding Insulation works with any siding, to make it more beautiful, more durable and more energy efficient. The maker asserts that it can be installed beneath brick, wood, cultured stone, fiber cement or vinyl siding.



Premium Series R Values: ¾” (R-3.0), 1” (R-4.0) 1¼” (R-5.0)
Termite Damage Protection: The product contains Preventol, a systemic insecticide, to protect the foam insulation from termite damage—at a low concentration. This chemical is commonly used for pest control, crop protection and as a topical treatment for flea and tick control on pets.
Stops Thermal Bridging: Yes
Superior Permeability: Moisture from inside the home can move freely to the outside, protecting against mold and mildew and promoting a healthier environment
Moisture Management Grooves: Help channel any condensed water vapor or bulk rain water safely down and out the bottom of the wall. This ensures that the wall system can effectively dry out, eliminating the potential for moisture damage


Progressive Foam Halfback H2O Universal Siding Insulation works with any material from brick to vinyl—to make siding more energy efficient and better manage moisture.

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