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Porcelain Recycling

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

Apr 23, 2014 7:38:00 PM

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In celebration of Earth Day, a partnership between Crossville Tile and TOTO announced that the Tile Take-Back program had diverted a total of 40 million pounds of fired porcelain from disposal in landfills.

A proprietary process allows even previously installed tile taken from remodeling jobs to be recycled as well as TOTO toilets that do not meet quality standards. All of the material is recycled into what Crossville calls "feed stock" to manufacture new tile.

During 2013, the third year for the program, 7,706,286 pounds of Crossville fired scrap as well as 7,288,860 pounds of TOTO's scrap porcelain  was ground and reused to make more tile. It also took in 87,411 pounds of scrap and existing tile removed during renovation projects. Since 2009, nearly 40 million pounds of scrap porcelain from remodeling, Crossville and TOTO have been recycled. That's a lot of tile that would have gone into landfills. Instead, it takes on new life as new tile.

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