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Construction Technology: 3D Holographic Prints

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Jul 28, 2014 11:56:38 AM

Zebra Imaging

The Wow Factor. Zebra Images can create a 3D holographic print that combines up to four images in one. The print is viewable from different directions and can display project phasing, design alternatives and/or before and after views.

Holograms have finally arrived, and they’re a more accessible—and portable—option in construction technology than you might think. Zebra Imaging, founded by a couple of friends from MIT, has been producing 3D holographic prints for about 16 years. To create the hologram, the firm takes a 3D data file, prints it out onto a film-based product (a four-hour process), recording the image onto the film in a horizontal or vertical mode. Once the film is illuminated (with any halogen or LED light source), the hologram jumps up from the print and can be viewed from various unique angles without the use of 3D glasses. Pricing is $1,299 for a 24” x 24” print and $1,499 for a 24” x 34” print, but custom sizes and multiple prints are also available.



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