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Garden Design: Patterns with Benefits

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Mar 1, 2013 6:26:00 PM

Garden Therapy

Mandala garden pattern

The client on this project, a mother of five, is a social worker committed to providing her family with nutritionally dense foods. The edible garden is designed to produce a healthy variety of vegetables, fruits and berries. The circle gardens are easily accessible from the kitchen, and seen with a bird’s eye view from the upstairs bedroom. 

This keeps the client attuned to the life unfolding in the garden below. Such dynamic integration provides a “horticultural therapy” environment

Mandala-type garden designs are inspired by patterns found in nature. They can be either circular or square edged, and offer various advantages—particularly for intensive, small-space gardening:

  • Dense crop association in varied patterns permitting an improvement of soil building, pest control, etc.
  • Maximized edge effect as trees are associated toveggies, tubers, water area, or whatever you want to put in it
  • More space for growing, because the ratio of path to garden is less
  • Less water waste
  • Allows for (if wanted) no-dig agriculture Ease of maintenance/attention to plants

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