Featured Product: Rheem in VISION House Tucson

Posted by Heather Wallace

Jun 9, 2014 3:34:00 PM

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VISION House Featured Product

Rheem Net-Zero Air and Water System

Rheem's Net-Zero Air and Water System includes a Rheem classic 15 SEER heat pump, a hydronic air handler and Rheem's solar hot water heating system with stoarge tank and electric tankless water heater to serve as back up.

What makes this system unique is the ability to custom tailor and integrate for a specific project. It includes off-the-shelf products from Rheem that make up the integrated system and helps drive down the cost of energy for the home using renewable solar energy as the primary source for domestic hot water and space heating. 

Products used in the VISION House Tucson include: 

The Rheem Hydronic Air Handler; model number RXWB-04WMX36A

Rheem Indoor Coil; model number RCFL-HM-03617AC

The Rheem Prestige™ Series High-Efficiency Heat Pump; model number RPQL-036JAZ

Rheem 400 Series Thermostat; model number RHC-TST412UNMS

Rheem Solaraide™ Storage Tank; model number 82V120HE-1

Rheem Solpak™ Solar Collectors; model number RS32-BP

Rheem Solpak™ Pump Station; model number RHSPK1

Rheem Tankless Electric RTE-27 Water Heater; model number RTE-27

Learn more about Rheem here.

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